Password: Fletcher
Note from the Director: Emma Thatcher
'Fletcher' was a very fun experiment for me! No shot-list, no rehearsed dialogue, only 4-people on-set at a time— so not only were we improvising character, but I fully improvised with the camera. This required a level of trust to shoot and direct simultaneously, and I was in very good hands with Allyson & Connor, because they were instantly able to improvise with ease. Having such a small crew allowed for a fascinating level of intimacy and naturalism. The process was less about every technical aspect and more about catching very human moments and mistakes. 
As a director, I passionately believe in equity on-set: creating the characters with the actors and treating the whole cast and crew with respect and encouragement. I strive to make small and intimate stories radically naturalistic, and almost documentary-like, to mirror our idiosyncratic, millennial experience, and 'Fletcher' is an extension of that.
Lastly, I'd like to dedicate this short to my filmmaking hero, Lynn Shelton, who passed away this past May. May we carry on her legacy of compassionate, humanist, and lo-fi independent filmmaking 🖤
notable credits
Directed by. Emma Thatcher
Featuring. Connor Allen Smith & Allyson Womack
Produced by. Evelyn Landow
Music by. Details